Is Hawaii really a paradise? Yes or No? What do you think?

Please explain your answer.


9 thoughts on “Paradise?

  1. I think it is sometimes paradise and sometimes not paradise. I guess many travelers feel it paradise because there are lots of fun in Hawaii, such as beautiful nature, delicious foods, and many activities. However, I guess those who living in Hawaii never feel it a paradise because they have to work every week and many living problems. Good and nice country is different from a paradise, I think. Whether Hawaii is a paradise or not is depending on person. I hope Hawaii is a paradise, but I think it is not always true.

  2. In my opinion, Hawaii is a paradise. I first met the word “paradise” is in a post card. The picture on that card is the view of Hawaii. It was so beautiful. In that moment, I know that the “paradise” is Hawaii. Now, I’m in Hawaii. Fine weather, tasty food, beautiful ocean, all things make me feel relaxing. And the pace of life is really slow, people won’t feel the life tends to be deadlines. I think the paradise must make people feel happiness and comfortable, Hawaii is this place. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I think Hawaii is not a paradise. Although, there are beautiful beaches, food and housing is expensive. so, Hawaii is a good place for sightseeing. It is difficult to live there longer. Also, people think Hawaii is safe but I can easily see many homeless on the street. One day, when I went to North Shore with my friend, I saw two homeless people fighting in front of the bus stop. I was really scared. There is a lot of crime in Hawaii. so, I’m trying not to go out at night. Some people say Hawaii is safe place, but I don’t think so. Hawaii is still apart of America, so we have to protect oueselves.

  4. i think hawaii is paradice.
    i have been in hawaii only two weeks.
    but hawaii is very beautiful and comfortable.
    people are friendly, kind, beautiful.
    weather in hawaii is so good, too.
    always sunny and dry.
    in korea, in summer is very hot and wet.
    i love hawaii and want to stay here

  5. Akiko says:

    i think hawaii is paradise because wheather is better than japan, hawaii is abundant in nature, and people are very kind.
    as for wheather, itโ€™s sunny almost everyday, and, when i rained, it appears rainbow.
    also, there are a lot of beach and mountain.
    people have spirit of ALOHA, so many people are kind.

  6. First of all, there is no paradise. Paradise mean “Perfect Place” and there is absolutely not “Perfect Thing”. If someone know where is the paradise, he(she) might be doesn’t know about paradise’s meaning(NOT OFFENSIVE).
    I think Hawaii is great place. Like Akiko said, whether is good, people are kind, nature is in everywhere. But it doesn’t make perfection. Just better than other place, that’s it.
    So, If you are finding pardise, You can give up. But if you try making paradise, World is gonna be better place than now.

  7. Hawaii is not paradise. I have been here for a couple of years Actually, 6 months after I came here, I had bad happened someone stole my iPhone then I got shock so after then I just should think that Hawaii is not safe place. Also, I heard from other people said that Hawaii also has many crimes but it is lower than main land. However, here is the reason, hawaii is very smallest island, it can’t compare to other island or main land. So if criminals commit a crime, maybe polices can easy to catch them also another reason is whether. Hawaii is warm weather and dry so people can get relaxed so they are not easy get med so i think, that’s why hawaii doesn’t have many criminals than other island or other countries.And sometimes storm was came hear but it was not serious happened. So Hawaii is just small island not paradise.

  8. I think Hawaii is not paradise. Of course,I can not deny Hawaii’s weather and nature. Weather is perfect and nature of Hawaii is fantastic. But, I am not sure that people in the bus are happy or not. They look so tired and unhappy. Homeless people also are dissatisfied with something. And there is many different cultures in Hawaii. I thought that there are no discrimination in Hawaii,but I don’t know their inner-mind. Are people living Hawaii well adapted to do Hawaii that people called Paradise?

  9. Hawaii is a paradise . Hawaii has blue beautiful beach for surfing and swimming. Hawaii has good environment .Almost no smoking in Hawaii. HAWAII IS famous for it’s beach such as Wakiki beach. Everyone has good manners and politeness . Hawaii are also has good climate . Neither too hot nor too cold .but Hawaii’s transportation is not convenient .When we waiting for the bus we need lots of time or we need to change buses by many times .

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